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Building Partners Experience Excellent Service with Encore Title

Sometimes, it takes a village to make success happen. In the process of buying and selling homes, this is particularly true. There are many moving parts when it comes to these kinds of transactions. From the homebuyer and the seller of the property themselves, to the real estate agents facilitating the deal, to the lenders making sure all the proper funding is in place, and to the title company checking every detail, everyone must work as a team to be successful.

The experts at Encore Title recognize the importance for successful teamwork — and everything that must come with it — in every transaction they handle.

Michael Pavon, COO of Camino Real Builders, can attest to what that level of dedication looks like through his work with Encore Title.

The team at Encore Title offers solid, dependable service, Pavon said, adding that he and his company have worked with Encore in numerous transactions.

During those transactions, Encore Title has gone above and beyond to exceed his expectations, Pavon said. When there were transactions that needed to be done outside of business hours — like on Sundays, holidays, or evenings — Encore was always flexible and accommodating. The team at Encore understands that many times, business happens as quickly as life. And when it does, the McAllen title experts will be there, ready to go, to make sure that every detail has been checked and covered.

Many partners have reported that working with Encore Title has been like having extra helping hands on their own teams. That’s where the teamwork and positive, comprehensive service that Encore offers comes in play. At an organization where the company culture is one of family and working together, the Encore team always does their best to provide excellent service to their partners in transactions.

Everyone who comes in to the Encore Title office in North McAllen near the intersection of 10th Street and Trenton Road is always greeted with a friendly smile and a warm welcome. That compassion extends to high quality customer service and competent work to ensure that every detail is ironed out when it comes time to give a buyer the keys to their brand new home. That moment is one of the most important for the Encore team, as they recognize that buying a home can often be stressful.

When you work with Encore Title, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with the best title company in the Rio Grande Valley.

Y sí — hablamos español en Encore Title!

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