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McAllen Title Company Encore Title Takes Contract Process Step by Step

The team at Encore Title prides itself in being there for realtors, buyers, sellers, lenders, and all partners in every transaction. We all communicate and keep all parties in the loop every step of the way. This is to ensure smooth sailing for everyone from contract to keys.

So what can you expect when you bring a contract in to Encore Title office in McAllen when you’re trying to buy a house?

Typically, you bring in the contract, we get the earnest money, and then we start researching the property,” Encore President TJ Wingate said. “We issue what’s called a title commitment and usually it takes between three to five business days.”

The process is much faster now with industry advancements and streamlined efforts.

“I can remember back when I first started in this business it was a week to two weeks,” Wingate said. “We’re much faster, now — lot and block homes typically take three to five business days.”

The lot and block survey system is used to locate and identify land.

Encore Title analyzes the paperwork and details of the transaction during this process.

“We see what’s out there. We help kind of clean that up to get the transaction ready for closing,” Wingate said. “The lender’s going to have various requirements, like surveys, so we’ll get the survey and we’ll examine that survey and make sure nothing shows up that could be an issue.”

If there are any issues that turn up during this examination, not to worry — the Encore team is there to try and help clear those up.

“Once it’s time for closing we round up all the money and get all the documents ready,” Wingate said.

The moment once all the final details are ironed out is often cited as the best part of the job for many Encore team members. The ability to help people successfully complete one of the biggest purchases they will ever make in their lives is rewarding — and a wonderful payoff for managing the intricacies of a transaction.

The customers are invited to Encore Title’s comfortable and convenient office in North McAllen to complete the process in a closing room. As an alternative, Encore can send notaries to the customers — an especially handy feature for those people always on the go with busy schedules.

“All the documents are signed, notarized,” Wingate said. “We make sure everything’s good and then we record and disperse the funds and then in a couple weeks you get your actual title policies.”

Smooth sailing from bringing in a contract to walking out with the keys to the place where you will begin the rest of your life. That’s what a Rio Grande Valley title company like Encore Title offers.

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