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Encore Title’s Best Moments in the Words of Team Members

At Encore Title, every member of our team is dedicated to serving our clients and partners. Make a transaction a success story is what keeps us passionate about coming in to the office every day. Hear the words of a few of our team members on what they love about working here at Encore!

What made you want to work at Encore?

Esmer Gonzalez, Escrow Officer: Everybody just is here to help everybody. It’s just literally a home away from home.

Gracie Guajardo, Escrow Officer/Paralegal: Once I started working here, it was something that became a passion — to help people and just help them clear title and that was very interesting to me.

Yvette Longoria, Escrow Officer: Being in the office, the first thing I noticed it was just very professional, very tight knit, very family feel about it.

What makes you passionate about what you do here?

Guajardo: The favorite part of my job is just helping people achieve a dream of owning their home.

Longoria: Getting the people to get into their home.

Gonzalez: The customers. Just to see the smile on their face — the satisfaction in the sellers when they sell their home.

What would you say to somebody who is considering working for Encore?

Longoria: The difference that I see here at Encore Title is that everyone works together.

Guajardo: For somebody that would want to work for Encore Title, I would say that we are a group of professionals that work together to make people’s dreams come true.

Gonzalez: It is an amazing environment. You will not be disappointed.

Tell us about a success story that you’ve had with a client/transaction.

Longoria: A couple that were purchasing a home that the wife fell in love with — his wife’s birthday was that weekend. So we scheduled the closing for a Friday. He decorated the house for her birthday. When he handed her the keys, and when she opened the door, everybody was there to surprise her and that was her birthday gift.

Guajardo: Just thinking of how many people that we’ve helped clear up their title — especially those that have deceased people in the chain of title and just going through all the heirs. That’s what makes it rewarding for all of us here.

Gonzalez: One seller, but the parents had passed away and they had eight siblings. There was a lot of legwork, but we didn’t give up. We love challenges. We love those files that give us that satisfaction at the end that we were able to help. The buyers were happy, the sellers were happy, so that makes us happy.

To learn more about Encore Title, call (956) 682-0100 or visit us at 7000 N. 10th St., Ste. C5, 2nd Floor, in McAllen.

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